Thursday, July 30, 2015

Appalled Londoners find Women's Museum dedicated to Jack the Ripper instead

Londoners living in the East End were shocked and offended when a new museum supposed to be dedicated to the city's working women was unveiled as a Jack the Ripper Museum instead.  The original plan proposed by Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe (former diversity chief at Google) stated its intent to provide the only museum of women's history in the East End.  Local residents claim they were not informed of the change in plan.  His identity still unconfirmed, Jack the Ripper is known as the brutal serial murderer of sex workers in London's impoverished Whitechapel area from 1888 to 1891.

Read the story from The Guardian at  Museum billed as celebration of London women opens as Jack the Ripper exhibit

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Job Opening for English Grads: Council of Independent Colleges

The Council of Independent Colleges has a position vacancy for a junior staff member who either lives in Washington, DC, or is willing to move here quickly. It would be a perfect opportunity for a recent graduate in any discipline who may be interested in raising funds for a nonprofit association of colleges and universities that is similar to their alma mater. The position is available immediately.

A link to the job description can be found here, The most important criteria are the ability to write grammatically and accurately, keep flawless records, and be socially comfortable with higher education leaders and representatives of sponsoring companies.

Please feel free to share the job description widely. Recommendations may be sent to me or my colleague, Keith Wallace (

Thanks so much for your help.



Barbara Hetrick
Senior Vice President
Council of Independent Colleges
One Dupont Circle, NW
Suite 320
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 466-7230 (telephone)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Literature Awards

The English Department hosted its annual dinner to celebrate the accomplishments of graduating seniors Christianna Adams (English), Laura Mikolajczyk (French), and Julianne Prentice (English) and to present a variety of awards honoring academic excellence:
Laura Mikolajczyk, Julianne Prentice, and Christianna Adams

 The Beta Rho chapter of Lambda Iota Tau (LIT), international honor society for literature, proudly welcomed six new inductees: Joseph Biddle (Spanish), Daniel Gertis (English), Kayla Kamp (English), Christine Kozlowski (Spanish), Stephanie Parwulski (English), and Ann Marie Rose (English).
LIT inductees Stephanie Parwulski, Daniel Gertis, and Ann Marie Rose

Dr. Cantwell presented the John T. Masterson Award for excellence in literary studies to Daniel Gertis, an English major specializing in Public Relations and Communications.
Daniel Gertis and Dr. Cantwell

English majors completing the Seminar for English Majors had just presented their research to the faculty that afternoon.  Since the Critical Theory class had used Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre as a central reading this semester, students received a gift of Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea.

Finally, Dean Shirley Peterson announced that the prestigious Andre Hannotte Award for Writing would be presented to Laura Mikolajczyk (French) at the Excellence Awards Ceremony preceding Commencement.

Congratulations to the award recipients and to the graduating class of 2015!!
Well done!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Departmental Meeting Thursday February 12

The English Department invites all majors to attend a Departmental Meeting this Thursday, February 12th at 11:30 in DS 222.  Pizza and drinks will be served.  The Agenda will include

  • Fall 2015 course offerings
  • upper division applications
  • Masterson and Sullivan award nominations
  • English Club and Writer's Block information

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

English Department Interviews Rhetoric & Composition Candidates

The English Department invites faculty and English majors to attend presentations by the following candidates for the tenure-track professorship in Rhetoric and Composition:

Friday, February 6, 12:30-1:30 pm, DS 135

     Sigrid Streit, Kent State University: "Body and Mind: Conceptualizing and
           Communicating Health and Technology"

Monday, February 9, 12:30-1:30 pm, DS 135

     Margaret Artman, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: "Social Media Makeover:
          Re-envisioning Online Personas for Multiple Audiences"

Tuesday, February 10, 11:30 am-12:30 pm, DS 135

     Jessica Heffner, Kent State University: "Literate Practices and Technological
           Interactions: The Professional, Multimodal Writing of Seniors Composing a
          County Fair"  

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Internships and Job Opportunities


Buffalo Trek

The Buffalo trek website and accompanying bi-monthly magazine provide readers whose passion is outdoor fitness, a platform to learn more about running, biking, fitness, multi-sport, paddling, winter sports, and hiking in Western New York.

We are seeking English and/or Communication students who are interested in one of the above references sports to supply us with two featured articles per month during a semester-long internship.  Student articles will be featured with their own by-line in both the online and print versions of Buffalo Trek.  Students will also be encouraged to produce/provide any related video content to complement their articles.

Although this is a non-paying internship, students hoping to gain experience in the advertising side of print/online media will be compensated with a 20% commission for any ad sold for Buffalo Trek.

Contact Jim O'Connor at

Albright-Knox Gallery

The Museum Internship at the ALbright-Knox is designed to provide an educationalexperience in a museum environment to udnergraduate students, graduate students, and recent graduates.  Internships are available throughout the school year in Fall and Spring sessions, as well as during the summer.  Under the supervision of key museum staff members, interns will participate in activities conducive to their academic and professional growth.  Students who wish to obtain academic credit for their internship may do so and must make their own arrangements with their college or university.

Interns are accepted twice a year.  The Spring session runs from late January through May.  Intern hours are flexible to accommodate class schedules; however, participants are required to intern a minimum of eight hour per week and must complete 90 hours during the internship season.  The deadline for Spring session internships is December 7, 2014.

Contact Kelly Macagnone at

Daemen Athletic Communications Office

The Athletic Communications Office is looking for an intern in Communications who enjoys sports and writing about sports, even if they feel that part of it is just a hobby.  

Contact Michael Miranto at

Job Posting

Cardinal Scholars is an in-home and online tutoring service that gives exceptional tutors the chance to be matched with local students in need of additional academic support. We connect tutors with students seeking help with college, high school, middle school and elementary material.
We're seeking tutors who meet the following criteria:
  • Are fantastic teachers and have experience teaching others.
  • Are academically curious and intelligent.
  • Attend or have graduated from Daemen College as either an undergraduate, graduate, or professional student.

The benefits of becoming a tutor with us include:
  • Freedom to set your own schedule (no set hourly requirement; we expect you to be taking classes yourself!).
  • Competitive compensation ranging from $15 - $35 per hour.
  • Get to know great families from the community who will really appreciate your help.
  • We connect tutors with students all over the U.S. and online for sessions so you can tutor in your hometown during breaks, and in your college town during the school year!

Coming on board as a tutor is not a guarantee of immediate tutoring work, but offers the opportunity to be considered for an assignment if we receive a tutoring request in your area for in person tutoring and/or around the country for online tutoring.

Interested? Please go here to apply:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gothic Games Dracula Hint--Who's biting whom?

“Kneeling on the near edge of the bed facing outwards was the white-clad figure of his wife.  By her side stood a tall, thin man, clad in black.  His face was turned from us, but the instant we saw we all recognized the Count. With his left hand he held ––’s hands, keeping them away with her arms at full tension; his right hand gripped her by the neck, forcing her down on his bosom.  Her white nightdress was smeared with blood, and a thin stream trickled down her the man’s bare breast, which was shown by his torn-open dress.” Dracula, Ch. 21